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Beauty consists of both – your desire and specialist’s help. Women whish to be beautiful was born, probably, at the time when people even did not come up with the word “beauty”. Fortunately, since that time, there appeared not only the word, but also many other opportunities for the beuty creation and it’s maintenance.

Beauty salon «BELLA CANELLA» offers to its customers almost all the methods of skin improvement and rejuvenation and that are nowadays important and well-proven. Here you will find a cozy atmosphere, a warm welcoming and an excellent specialist ready to help you to restore your strength and health, refill the energy balance, relieve tension and gain inside harmony.

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The assortment of cosmetics

Professional cosmetics «Bioline»

To achieve the maximum effect of the skin healig, in «BELLA CANELLA» beauty salon they use the professional "Bioline" cosmetics.



The «Bioline» company was founded in 1979 on the basis of the Higher School of Cosmetology in the city of Trento, Italy. «Bioline» is the first company in Italy that developed, introduced and started to use in professional cosmetology three-phase system based on retinol, hydroxides {AHA} and heptapeptides. The company «Bioline» has its own scientific laboratories, where they intend new cosmetic products for cosmetologists-professionals and their clients.

Among the all «Bioline» products there is either salon cosmetic or home created and tested, among which there are both exclusively salon cosmetics and cosmetics for a home use.

All products of «Bioline» meet high European quality standards. A unique combination of natural ingredients and high technologies allowed «Bioline» cosmetics to achieve the trust and recognition of cosmetologists in more than 70 countries around the world.

The assortment of «Bioline» cosmetics consists of several specialized lines, each of them is aimed at solving certain aesthetic skin problems.

All professional procedures are accompanied by exclusive massage techniques that greatly enhance the effect of procedures. To achieve high results, experts recommend to use lines of cosmetics that combine the means for procedures in the salon and home care products, which organically interact with each other. The qualified specialist in the «BELLA CANELLA» salon will help you choose a home care program based on «Bioline» cosmetics.

For detailed information about procedures and products of «Bioline», please visit the official website:


Training in the beauty salon

Training in our salon

«BELLA CANELLA« salon invites all comers to beauty courses!



Training course in the «BELLA CANELLA» beauty salon is an excellent opportunity to master a new interesting specialty. Cosmetology course will be of interest to everyone who aspires to get an in-demand profession.

In our salon, both beginners and professionals are trained to improve their skill level.

At us you can be trained:

• cosmetology

• massage techniques

• make-up

• pedicure


You can learn at any time convenient for you, choosing the appropriate option based on a flexible schedule. After successful graduation of the course, each student will get an international certificate.

Detailed information you can find on the page «Training».