BELLA CANELLA» salon invites all comers to beauty courses!

Nowadays, people began to spend more and more time taking care after themselves. Professions in the field of face and body care have taken a special place in the market of services. Professional training in such areas as cosmetology, the art of massage and nail design are the most popular and in-demand on today’s market of education and employment.

Cosmetology course will be of interest to everyone who aspires to get an in-demand profession. In addition, it is just very interesting to learn cosmetology. In the «BELLA CANELLA» salon you will find a graduate specialist with many years of experience – the founder of the salon -Olesya Gainullina, who will help you to comprehend all the secrets of this skill. Awards and certificates are available on the page: «About us».

In our salon, both beginners and professionals are trained to improve their skill level.

The schedule of courses is convenient and flexible and individually scheduled for each person. Furthermore, there are no age restrictions for studying.

After successful graduation of the course, each student will get an international certificate.

Cosmetology training course

The cosmetology services are now in demand: people get used to taking care of themselves, resorting to the help of professionals.

A cosmetologist is a specialist who selects for each person an individual system of care for his organism as a one whole. Cosmetologist develops a scheme of cosmetic procedures that will have a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and overall client’s well-being.

Massage techniques course

Massage is an integral and important part of the cosmetology training program. Making a training for specialists in cosmetology is impossible without mastering the technique of massage.

For many people massage is a necessary cosmetic procedure, after which they feel much younger, healthier and more cheerful. Massage is a procedure that is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, rate of a physical activity, etc.

Pedicure Training Course

For woman who wants to look spectacular, a pedicure is a must-have thing. Well-groomed legs make a representative person of the beautiful half of humanity just irresistible. It’s funny, but 50 years ago it was considered as a luxury option, only wealthy ladies could afford it. Fortunately, those times have sunk into oblivion.

In the “BELLA CANELLA” salon you will gain the skills of classical, hardware, European and spa pedicure, you will be trained at course of pedicure techniques how to apply the modern coatings – gel-polish {shellac}.

You will get the knowledge and skills of the most popular service in the salons and will be able to start working immediately after completing the course.

Why should you gain education in our place?

Training course in the «BELLA CANELLA» beauty salon is an excellent opportunity to master a new interesting specialty.

It can become a basis for a career growth in a new professional sphere, and it can be useful in everyday life. Using the skills obtained during the training, you can add a zest to your style and effectively care for your face and body.

The graduate specialist – founder of the salon – Olesya Gainullina is the officially registered representative and lecturer of the «DINSKI» beauty school in Estonia.

Detailed information about the school you can find on the official website:

You can learn at any time convenient for you, choosing the appropriate option based on a flexible schedule.

We are waiting for you!