Smooth, silky and well – groomed skin is a dream of every woman.
There are many different techniques to remove unwanted hair, but the wax bio epilation is considered as the most effective and providing the long-term effect.
In the «BELLA CANELLA» beauty salon we will help you to achieve an excellent result!

What is bio epilation?


Bio epilation is a safe and effective method of the hair removal using wax. This method of hair removal came up with the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. During the procedure the special sticky mass was applied to the body, then cooled down and taken off with the hair.

In cosmetology nowadays instead of sticky mass is being used hot wax, which explains another name of bio epilation – waxing.


After the procedure hair grows slowly, becomes thinner and lighter. Waxing does not cause irritation, itching or redness of the skin. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin.

Bio epilation is a completely safe procedure for the skin and the whole organism as well. In addition to safety, effectivity and relatively low cost, the small number of contraindications makes this procedure one of the most popular offered in salons.

Bio epilation is a great way to get rid of excess vegetation on the body, and is especially important in the summer period, when our legs and other parts of the body are open and visible. Most amount of the women give their preference to waxing, as this procedure gives the longest effect.


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Prices for bioepilation

Shins 12,- €

Thighs 14,- €

Full legs 30,- €

Bikini 15,- €

Deep bikini {modeling} 20,- €

Brazilian bikini {full} 25,- €

Buttocks 14,- €

Above the lip hair removal 4,- €

Hair removal on the bottom of the face {depending of the size of the area} from 5,- € to 10,- €

Hands until the elbow 10,- €

Full hands 17,- €

Armpits 10,- €

Breast 10,- €

Abdomen 15,- €

Back 25,- €