Mesotherapy has been used in cosmetology for more than 50 years and is still considered one of the most effective ways to fight witg age-related skin changes. Mesotherapy is an alternative medicine method that includes subcutaneous administration of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, as well as to remove excess fat.

Mesotherapy solves a number of skin problems. This happens due to the fact, that the necessary substances are brought directly to the problematic area, so that the active substances can work from the inside, solving the problem, not just masking the external signs of the problem. In addition, mesotherapy stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells, activates natural collagen, strengthens the protection of nerve tissues, and also smoothes scars.

Body mesotherapy

after the body mesotherapy procedures you will get

• destroyed local fat, adjusted silhouette of the body
• smoothed skin, eliminated the consequences of cellulite
• due to develop collagen and elastin decreases severity of stretch marks and scarring
• improved recovery and metabolism in tissues
• displayed decomposition products and extra liquid
• improved microcirculation leads to strengthened vessels and removes the vascular stars and venous nets

. . . . . . . 

 { The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: 50 – 70 minutes
Procedure price: from 50,- € 

Facial mesotherapy

after the facial mesotherapy procedures you will get

• Activated metabolism, blood supply and lymphatic drainage
• Improved appearance of the skin, its structure, turgor and tone, restored face contour
• Eliminated effects of rosacea, trengthened walls of blood vessels
• Discolored pigment spots, even color oft the skin
• Normalized work of the sebaceous glands, stopped inflammatory processes – this allows you to get rid of acne and post-acne
• Disappearув small facial wrinkles, bigger wrinkles becoming less pronounced

. . . . . . . .

{ The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: 60 – 80 minutes
Procedure price: from 35,- €

Mesotherapy around the eyes

after mesotherapy procedures around the eyes

• Restores a healthy appearance of the eyelids and paraorbital region
• Improves eye contour
• Reduce dark circles under the eyes
• The skin of the eyelids is moisturized (without swelling!) And wrinkles are smoothed out
• Swelling is eliminated and bags under the eyes are reduced
• The edema and fat deposits forming the bags on the eyelids are eliminated

. . . . . . . .

{ The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: 60 – 70 minutes
Procedure price: from 25,- €

Mesotherapy for hair

after the mesotherapy procedures for hair

• Activate metabolic processes
• Hair follicle is prevented from the hormonal imbalance, the bulbs are saturated with medicinal substances
• Activates the process of stopping hair loss and getting rid of dandruff
• Hair growth is stimulated, appears more new hair
• Improves the structure and quality of the strands along the entire length, the hair becomes strong, thick and shiny
• The procedure has accumulative and long-term effect

. . . . . . . .

{ The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: 30 – 40 minutes
Procedure price: from 35,- €

What is mesotherapy and who invented it?


Mesotherapy is a vitamin skin enrichmet, which is based on the subcutaneous injection of microdoses of biologically active substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, vascular preparations, antioxidants, fat-burning drugs individually selected in accordance with the client’s problems. These components are present in almost all creams, gels and serums, but they cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin – this is what mesotherapy is for. It is mesotherapy that helps the necessary components to reach a place where they are so lacking.

Mesotherapy procedures are absolutely safe for health: microdoses of special cocktails are being injected into the layer between the epidermis and dermis, from where they gradually reach the surrounding tissues and are completely absorbed into them. Thanks to this, the skin becomes younger, toned looking; it is filled with freshness and comes in tone.

With the help of body mesotherapy, it is possible without complex plastic surgeries to effectively combat cellulite, excess weight, sagging and wrinkling of the skin of the body, as well as various cosmetic imperfections of the body skin (rosacea, scars, sutures, etc.). High efficiency of mesotherapy is provided by:
• Physiologicy of the method
• Accuricy of the delivery of active substances directly to adipose tissue
• Possibility of accurate dosing and composition of drugs
• Prolongation of the therapeutic effect in subcutaneous fat and skin

The French doctor Michelle Pistor developed this technique in the early 50s. Over the years, the method has gained popularity in many countries around the world. Today, mesotherapy can be done on any part of the skin, since it has a huge range of therapeutic effects – a specialist can carry out the procedure from head to toe.

Mesotherapy for the face helps to cope not only with aging and loss of skin tone, but also minimizes all age-related injuries: wrinkles, ptosis, localized fat deposits and dry skin.

Mesotherapy for hair improves blood circulation of the hair follicles, saturating the follicles with nutrients. This gives stimulation for the growth of new hair, normalizes sebum secretion. As a result, the hair does not split, look thick and healthy.

Mesotherapy of the body also effectively fights against body aging, cellulite, and fights with local fat deposits.

The course of mesotherapy is being determined purely individually. Before determining its duration, it is necessary to take a consultation. The number of procedures depends on the condition of the skin and on the cocktail, you choose.

Fractional mesotherapy


Fractional mesotherapy is one of the latest achievements in hardware cosmetology. With its help, you can quickly update the skin cells using the body’s internal resources. After a course of fractional mesotherapy the skin becomes healthier, younger and smoother, ganes pleasant silkyness.

Fractional face mesotherapy

after fractional face mesotherapy procedures

• Increases skin firmness and elasticity
• The severity and depth of wrinkles is reduced, small facial wrinkles are smoothed out
• Age-related pigmentation of the skin discolors, the skin acquires an even color
• Eliminates swelling
• The effects of rosacea are eliminated
• Normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduces skin oil

. . . . . . .

{ The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: 60 – 70 minutes
Procedure price: from 50,- €


Fractional mesotherapy of the body

after fractional body mesotherapy procedures

• The skin texture is smoothed, the post effects of cellulite are eliminated
• Improving recovery and metabolic processes in tissues
• Local fat deposits are destroyed
• Improving the appearance of the skin, its structure, turgor and tone
• Eliminates skin stretch marks after childbirth
• The severity of postoperative scars is reduced

. . . . . . .

{ The price of the procedure depends on the state of the skin and the selected cocktail }

Procedure duration: from 50 minutes
Procedure price: from 50,- €

What is fractional mesotherapy?


Fractional skin mesotherapy is one of the latest developments in hardware cosmetology. It includes the best moments of anti-aging procedures and side effects are minimized. Fractional mesotherapy allows you to achieve results immediately after the procedure. The technique of fractional mesotherapy is completely different from conventional, classical mesotherapy. Unlike conventional mesotherapy, subcutaneous administration of microdoses of biologically active substances is done in certain areas around which the skin remains intact. This leads to the stimulation of the surrounding areas and enhances the work of neighboring cells. Cocktails for fractional mesotherapy do not differ in composition from preparations of the conventional mesotherapy.

Areas of processing are being selected by a specialist based on existing customer problems. A full course of the procedure, conducted to correct problem areas, significantly improves the appearance and quality of the skin on the face and body. After a series of sessions of fractional mesotherapy, the process of updating the treated skin areas starts, experts note the production of elastin and the regeneration of cells in the affected area. The result is achieved even after 1-2 procedures. Any subsequent procedure increases the effectiveness of the previous ones, and complete cellular regeneration occurs after 5-6 sessions.

Benefits of fractional mesotherapy


Fractional mesotherapy has a number of advantages, most of which can be seen the very next day after a session of the procedure. Modern devices, with which the procedure is carried out, help to accelerate the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, a quick period of regeneration and restoration of the skin allows to achieve a significant aesthetic effect. Fractional mesotherapy has such advantages as:

• Low soreness compared to conventional mesotherapy
• Minimal risk of side effects
• Short recovery period
• Fast result
• High efficiency and durability
• The ability to combine with other cosmetic procedures

Fractional mesotherapy results


Fractional mesotherapy can be performed both on the body and on the face. The results of fractional mesotherapy are impressive! With the help of fractional mesotherapy, a number of problems can be solved:

• give the skin silkness and softness, make the tone fresher
• Increase skin firmness and elasticity
• Reduce the severity and depth of wrinkles, smooth small facial wrinkles
• Decolor age-related skin pigmentation
• Remove swelling
• Reduce the second chin
• In case of rosacea, reduce the severity of capillary pattern
• Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduce oily skin
• Get rid of acne, smooth the skin texture, reduce pores and scars after acne (post-acne)
• Get rid of cellulite
• Eliminate skin stretch marks after childbirth
• Reduce the severity of postoperative scars